Life in Kechnec

june 1, 2015

Kechnec is a small village on the Slovak – Hungarian border. Even though small in terms of population, Kechnec is big because of its activities. The municipality has won recognition thanks to a number of forward-looking projects it has been implementing in the fields of business, healthcare, sports, social activities and tourism.

Bridge Across The river Hornád 
january 14, 2016

On Wednesday december 16th, there was a grand opening of a newly built bridge with surrounding roads, with the presence of eminent guests from both countries. Both sides of the river are connected by a iron-concrete construction, the bridge is 72m long. The projected expanses are 4.2 million euro. From that 85 % is from euro funds, 10 % is from the governments of both countries and the remaining 5 % is from both municipalities

St. Nicholas visits Kechnec  
january 14, 2016

We remembered the smallest residents of our village again this year and on Friday 4th December we prepared a St. Nicholas event. Before the arrival of St. Nicholas the cultural programme started at 16:00 started, with performances by children from our kindergarten and also children from the private school in Kechnec.

january 14, 2016

Beautification of the village of Kechnec: planting on the Perín road, on an area by the former collective farm – towards the railway track. There are also citizens who damaged and devalued our efforts – stealing plants and damaging flowers and greenery.


The sports grounds are suitable for organizing the company events in combination with sport activities, team-buildings and other informal outdoor events. In 2009 the full gastronomy and restroom facilities were finished.

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Newly rebuilt centre and amphitheatre was turned over to be used during annually organized Kechnec days 24. – 25. June 2011. First to perform on the stage were singers from the Julius Selčan orchestra Sisa Sklovská and Filip Tůma.

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Currently, the only sponsor of football club is the Municipality of Kechnec. The club is constantly trying to get other sponsors. It is a difficult process, so we also provide a variety of tasks with the help of volunteers at the expense of their personal time on an amateur basis and under the modest financial possibilities club work for the education of the young generation. 

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