European integrated school

Arrival of the first foreign investor was a strong impulse for the municipality. We became more aware of the need for education in foreign languages. The municipal kindergarten has been modernized so that the conditions offered to the youngest generation were comparable to those in other developed countries.

At the same time, we have been concentrating on the way to secure continuity of education at elementary and secondary levels and on the training of employees for Kechnec Industrial Zone. In order to safeguard such continuity, we have prepared a complex European Integrated School project. The school will enhance the opportunities for cross-border education in a number of languages as well as for the training of experts for the companies established in Kechnec Industrial Zone and for the intended Technology Park. The project covers the entire scale of education starting from pre-school and elementary stage education, through secondary vocational and secondary comprehensive education, to the university undergraduate (Bc.) level and an R&D Centre.