Marelli is an international company oriented at the designing and manufacturing of advanced technological systems and component parts for the automotive industry, with the headquarters in Italy (Corbetta, Milano). We are supplying our products, in which we combine quality, technology and versatility, to leading automobile factories in Europe, North and South America and in Asia. In Slovakia there are operating two divisions – Electronic Systems and Powertrain – both of them situated in the Industrial Park of Kechnec. These divisions are employing 1400 persons.

The Electronic Systems division manufactures dashboards, navigation systems and on-board computers that are part of automotive electronics.

The main products of the Powertrain division are throttles, suction manifolds and GDI (high pressure) pumps.

The general contact e-mail address is:

Currently the company employs 200 employees with starting point of 50 employees in 2008.

The phone number of the company (gatehouse): +421 55 61 31 105