Municipality council

Municipal elections were held on 10 November 2018. For the sixth time already, Kechnec citizens had a chance to participate in democratic municipal elections. As many as 61.26% of all eligible voters came to cast their votes in the elections in Kechnec.

For the sixth time, JUDr. Ing. Jozef Konkoly was elected the Mayor of Kechnec. Also, by casting their votes, citizens have vested their trust in seven local assembly members who will represent them during the four years period. The oath of office was taken by Imrich Čamaj, Ing. Ladislav Danko,  Mária Kababiková, Tibor Kaško , Tibor Koncsol, Ing. Tomáš Konkoly, František Schmidt.

The Kechnec Municipality Council meets according to needs of the town of Kechnec, at least once per three months. A meeting is called by Mayor of the Municipality, JUDr. Jozef Konkoly, unless the Slovak legislation prescribes different way.

Program of a meeting is public and should be announced three days in advance.

A meeting of the Municipality Council is open to public, with the exception when program of the meeting is dealing with secret information, protected by the specific Slovak legislation.