The kechnec municipal association

The town of Kechnec manages a non-profit organization called Obecné združenie občanov telesnej kultúry, školstva, zdravia a ochrany ŽP Kechnec (The Kechnec Municipal Association of Citizens for Physical Culture, Education, Health and Environment Protection).

The mission of the Municipal Association is to satisfy the multilateral interests and hobbies of the citizens in the areas of physical activities, health and environmental protection, and education, with a particular emphasis on increasing the educational and professional growth of children, youth, and citizens. At the same time the Municipal Association wants to create conditions for strengthening the health of children, youth, and citizens by increasing their physical and mental capabilities, creating sporting opportunities for children and youth, protecting the health of the citizens, and providing social help as well as environmental protection.


Municipality Kechnec 

Kechnec č. 19 044 58 


Articles of Association: