General practitioner

Operator:Dr. Grittersová s.r.o.

Doctor: MUDr. Beáta Grittersová

Nurse: Alena Dudášová

Office hours: Monday– Friday: 7,00 – 13,00
Office hours will be prolonged based on the number of registered patients.

Contact: Cell phone: 0915 927 205

Patients does not have to book themselves.

Only patient whose has signed agreement with the doctor will be treated.

Blood colletion etc. done in the morning is followed by medical examination

If state of health doesn’t allowed patients to go to see doctor in the clinic, visiting service and medical examination in the home is provided.

Registration procedure for new patients:

Patient has to visit general practitioner for adults and sign „Agreement on providing health care“ (Dohodu o poskytovaní zdravotnej starostlivosti).

Patient will receive written confirmation from new doctor. Patient has to visit doctor where he was registered before to take out heath documentation or its written copy personally or by any other relative.

Nurse in the outpatient’s de­partment can be asked to do it on patient request. Based on list of the names nurse take out health documentation from the doctor with whose patient had agreement valid till stated day.

The range of health services depends on number of patients whose are interested in this kind of services and in the main on number of patients whose has already signed agreement with general practitioner.