Obecný úrad Kechnec
044 58 Kechnec 19

Phone: +421 55 728 25 12 (11)
Fax: +421 55 728 25 13

Office Hours

Monday 7.30 – 15.30 hod.
Tuesday 7.30 – 15.30 hod.
Wednesday 7.30 – 16.30 hod.
Thursday 7.30 – 15.30 hod.
Friday 7.30 – 14.30 hod.

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The town of Kechnec is located in Kosice region, in the south part of Kosice – okolie district. The border with Hungary is 0,5 km from Kechnec.

The first class communication I/68 goes through the town of Kechnec and belongs to international road network as E 71 road. This international road continues from the state border Milhost/Hidasméneti towards Miskols in Hungary.

Kechnec has also railway transportation available in the town. There is a railway going through the town of Kechnec which connects directly „Košice – Kechnec – Hidasnémeti“; it is also recognized as one of the routes which is defined in the International European Agreement on routes of international combined transportation.

**Bus and railway connections to the town of Kechnec are available at:

Kosice International Airport is approximately 20km from Kechnec. The airport offers direct flights to Bratislava, Prague and Vienna. For more information on the Kosice International Airport, please, visit