About town

Kechnec started its new history after it became independent on December 1, 1990. Between 1964 and 1986 it had been part of town of Hraničná pri Hornáde. Later, in 1986, three original towns, Seňa, Kechnec and Milhosť, were merged into one. Kechnec is currently a Slovak-Hungarian town, in which the Slovak and Hungarian populations are about the same size.

Since 1991 the population has increased and currently we are recording about 1132 citizens. More than 60 % of the population is in the productive age and the unemployment rate in the town is about 10 %.

The development of the town is based on a comprehensive approach and takes into account all levels of the society – the children, young people, employed population, and retired generation. Our goal is to create conditions for quality life of all our citizens – students, businesspeople, investors, and aging population – as well as visitors to the town.

The town has contracted most of its projects through its own construction company – Poľnohospodársko-stavebná výroba obce Kechnec, LLC. Besides its economic benefits, the construction company decreases unemployment as its employees are former unemployed citizens of Kechnec.