For investors

Kechnec is a small village on the Slovak – Hungarian border. Even though small in terms of population, Kechnec is big because of its activities. The municipality has won recognition thanks to a number of forward-looking projects it has been implementing in the fields of business, healthcare, sports, social activities and tourism.

The quality of life in Kechnec has increased significantly in the last 20 years. The municipality has prepared a vision based on the complex development of its self-administration.

Video about opportunities for cooperation in Municipality of Kechnec:

The municipality of Kechnec offers several ways of project cooperation:

Financial partnership with the municipality of Kechnec (share partnership, PPP projects) Project management; gradual transfer of projects ownership to investors is also possible, subject to individual negotiations; Other types of partnerships with the municipality of Kechnec (with in-kind material and technology contributions) Other services provided free of charge

Preparation of land and property rights settlement, including the preparation and signing of Purchase Agreements based on geological analysis results Preparation of geometric layouts The municipality represents a Building Authority responsible for relevant agenda (planning permission, building permit) Investor independently decides about the selection of suppliers (design engineers, structural works, etc.), the municipality acts in this process in its capacity of an advisory body, which points our potential risks Chargeable services

Catering for employees in Kechnec Industrial Zone Municipal waste management Area maintenance in summer and winter (roads, pavements, lighting, vacant areas) Potable and service water supply Sewage and rainwater drainage cleaning and maintenance