Ing. Tomáš Konkoly, PhD.

The Ing. Tomáš Konkoly, PhD., is the mayor of Kechnec since 2022. 

I am not a politician; I am above all one of you, a native of Kechnec, who believes the preservation of the established values, which with your support were built with hard work in this village, is very important. I can promise you hard and honest work and that I will always stand on your side, on the side of the people of Kechnec. 

Why did I decide to run for mayor?

We are entering a period when it is necessary to hold on to jobs – increasing costs will force companies to cut back – they will also look at other countries where the labour force is cheaper; they may decide to lay off workers.

The new mayor must be a partner for foreign owners – to be able to speak with them directly, in English, German and Hungarian – not through an interpreter. The mayor must also know how to lead negotiations abroad, how to represent the municipality at international meetings. This will also be key for maintaining jobs.

We want to hold on to the values created and the quality of life in our village – we are entering a phase when we will have to save – but not at the expense of closing and terminating what we have built. We will have to seek out new ways to maintain and develop municipal property, and to do that we need to understand how we created those values – how things in the village originated, why we wanted them, why we built them and who they are intended to serve.

The decision to run for mayor of the village was not an easy one. I am aware that if I am elected I will be forced to leave my comfort zone and stable job. But for certain my father’s years of effort and sacrifice are worth it.

I will try to meet your expectations, and the one thing I can promise is hard and honest work for Kechnec.

As a municipal councillor in the 2018 – 2022 election period, I promoted and participated in many works and activities:

  • Preparation of new construction lands for individual houses; the process of legal-property arrangement of plots under the access road is underway (we have arranged an access road next to the municipal office; if the owners are willing, the municipality will provide financing)
  • Elaboration of project documentation for the construction of a new kindergarten with a capacity of 160 children – the public procurement process for selecting a contractor is up and running
  • Replacement of the surfaces at the sporting ground
  • Obtaining a new investor, Magna, in the former premises of Molex – the creation of 100 direct new jobs and, secondarily, 600 additional jobs in the form of suppliers
  • Acquisition of new investors Magna PT, Magna Electronics, Handtmann and others
  • Development of the FK Kechnec football club with regard to raising the next generation
  • Construction of a bowling alley
  • Organisation of cultural events
  • Help during the COVID-19 pandemic and help for people affected by the war in Ukraine
  • and many others